The young of Aleppo

sabaha al-khayr, ya suriyya! hadhihi sarhati!
Good morning Syria, this is my cry!

Hopefully you already know about the recent events occurring among our tormented people.
I’ve not been able to write much lately. My fear is high and it’s becoming harder and harder for me to keep going on.

What I’m about to tell you today is probably good news to you, but it had a grieving impact on me.
Back when the revolts began, the government didn’t believe it possible that Aleppo – the second city in the country – would rebel against the regime. They thought that its inhabitants wouldn’t share in the cries of their brothers from other parts of the country.

Oh, did they make a mistake!

What abruptly woke up was like a volcano, as all the youth of the city rose to action. They couldn’t have remained silent at a time in which – in the rest of the country – people just like them were being persecuted and unjustly killed.
The Aleppo people refused to keep on suffering passively, and chose to rebel instead, even at the cost of their own lives.

Assad’s response to protests coming from university students had no delay, and was as harsh and merciless as usual.
The governement’s forces broke into the college dormitory, waking up those sleeping and forcing everyone to get out. Some of the young chose to throw themselves out of the windows so to avoid being captured by these criminals, sure they’d be going to suffer from all kinds of tortures and abuses if that happen.

Four young students has lost their lives.

Hatred between people and the government is raising day after day, especially among the young. Universities’ doors were shut and all study programs terminated, althought examination periods are just around the corner.
This regime doesn’t care about our future. It doesn’t care that universities stay closed.
The only thing that seems to matter to them is preserving their privileges, even if this means exterminating the whole of the Syrian people.

But there’s still a gleam of hope for us.
Some friends studying at the Aleppo university told me that a group of teachers is still holding their lessons secretly, outside of university gates, in the hope that their warden re-allow them in the building.

As a student myself, hearing such news has my heart fill with dreams again, and start beating anew in the hope for a better future. And with a fast pace, as mine’s the age of burning desire, of curiosity and ambition.
Unfortunately, that very heart is still kept captive by a dictatorial government practicing only destruction and death.

Together, I and my friends have promised to continue our struggle for the acquisition of our rights and freedom. We aspire to some free and happy lives, the ones we really deserve, enriched by culture and new knowledge.
It is our task to build a better future for our country. And if fate does oppose us, we will have tried at least to bring about some change.

In this very moment my thoughts reach out to those fellows in Aleppo who are now risking their lives to defend the culture and tradition of all the Syrian people.

Don’t you fear, I’ll be back with news.

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