From the seed of sorrow new hope is born

sabaha al-khayr, ya suriyya! hadhihi sarhati!
Good morning Syria, this is my cry!

Hi, my friends.
Inspite of being very busy with my exams, I’m trying my best to write you as often as possible, as I don’t want that the events now happening in Syria be passed over in silence.
My pain – our pain, the pain of an entire people – is great, perhaps too great to bear.

Dear friends, my country has been veiled over with sorrow.
Our houses, our schools, our roads, our own hearts have filled up with grief after the obnoxious massacre of Hula.
Fifty children were slaughtered without a fault, killed together with their mothers.
Destroying their houses was not enough for Assad’s beasts, who slew anyone standing in front of their blind eyes. They spared no one.

News of this has spread all over the world, and you’ve finally come to hear about our sorrow from outside of Syria.

There’s a saying of ours which goes like this: “from the seed of sorrow new hope is born” (min rahm al-alam tuladu al-amal).
Damascus’ ambassadors have been finally banned from European countries, as an accusation against this regime’s hideous massacres. They’re the only ones who can stop the bloodshed now occurring in our country.
But expelling Syrian diplomats won’t be enough to stop Assad. This criminal government won’t change nor fall. It only speaks the language of killing and destroying, and will keep doing that until it is finally put down, with or without its diplomatic figures still working.

My friends, I’m sure that this revolution can succeed if you only support it! Send your best wishes to us, us the suffering young… don’t ever turn back!
We’ll keep struggling for freedom, because it is our duty to try and seek for it, just like it’s our right to long for it.
But please, don’t have us walk alone.

Your friend,

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