The children of tomorrow

sabaha al-khayr, ya suriyya! hadhihi sarhati!
Good morning Syria, questo è il mio grido!

You’ll want to know a little about me, I guess. Now I’m preparing for my exams, as the June session is just around the corner.
It’s not a long time since I was last able to study in a peaceful and tranquil setting. I used to spend the night awake, studying my books, and the day repeating my lessons with friends.
Now, though, fear is haunting me everywhere: at home, on the road, at university, in my classrooms.
Houses have become a permanent target of the shabbiha, the governement militia. And so have become universities, libraries and schools, places that everyone should ever respect.
Such institutes are now the main place where to arrest boys and girls.
Examination periods at primary, secondary and high schools have already started, but this hadn’t them stop. They broke into some of the schools, captured some of the children.

Can you imagine even one reason for holding an innocent 10-year-old child captive?
And they do this only because these children’s fathers are partecipating in the demonstrations.

When the shabbiha fail to track the fathers down, they turn against their sons, wives, and mothers, knowing that no man could ever let a part of his own heart go. He’d rather die than do that.
These are some of the most painful means used by these beasts, my friends. But inspite of this, it is those very children who have been captured that – once freed – are the first to get out and demonstrate again. Their shouting bothers this regime more than any demonstrations by adults.

They’re managing to kill men, but are unable to stop their sons.
And these children will grow up one day, and love for freedom and dignity will grow with them. They’re refusing to accept a future under the chains of a tyranny.
I heard with my own hears a kid saying, in all his innocence: “if I resign today, I’ll be ruled by his son tomorrow” (in istaslamtu ana al-yawm fa-sa-yahkumu-ni ibn-hu ghadan).
I expect the best for our children!

Don’t fear for me, I’ll be back with news.

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