“Bashar al-Kalb”

sabaha al-khayr, ya suriyya! hadhihi sarhati!
Good morning Syria! This is my cry!

I’m glad I’ve got the chance to write to you again, dear friends.
Today I want to tell you about a very important question, something I really care about and that also concerns you and your governments. I’ll tell you about the need for an arming of our free rebels!

Unfortunately, no one is willing to support the rebels who are now fighting for a’rad al-sha’b (“the people’s honour”). The international community is not intervening for fear that the situation turn into a civil war.
Rulers around the world should know, though, that none of us is fighting out of a passion, but for a far greater and more legitimate goal: we want freedom from tyranny.

Our boys don’t get any satisfaction from killing, unlike the beasts which are loyal to Assad.
We are the young, and we need to rebel and fight in order to achieve any decent future. We love our people, no matter their race or faith; we would never be glad to face one of our brothers.

All these inactive governments are allowing Iran, Russia and Hezbollah to interfere with the destiny of our beloved country. The forces from these countries are taking part in the killing of our people; they’re driving us out of our homes and lands, with no one offering us some shelter or helping us to defend.

Wa-llahi, I swear, I’ve seen them with my eyes.
Fully-armed Iranian soldiers were blocking the streets in my quarter just to allow a wooden coffin to pass… One of those apt to carry corpses, but God only knows what was inside of it. No one had the courage to ask, no one even got close.
Their big guns were pointed to the standing people, in the wait for the odd procession to end.

How can I be sure that they were Iranian? The reason is simple: their look proved their identity.
They had long beards, which are always forbidden to Syrian soldiers. Their clothes were all-black, head to feet. The weapons in their hands were different from those Assad’s men usually face us with. Lastly, these soldiers kept silent for all the time, something very unusual for the shabbiha and the other beasts serving this government, the latter never sparing their shouts, swearing and insults against us.

The Iranians are free to kill our brothers and contribute to the destruction of our country, while rebels are not even allowed to speak out their dissent. They’re not given the right to choose their destiny, to seek their own happiness.

Wa-llahi, wa-llahi, wa-llahi, I swear on what’s dearest to me in the world: our revolution must win, even if it’s going to take forever.
Even if grimmer and more sorrowful days are to come. Our struggle will go on, because if we don’t succeed in stopping Bashar al-Kalb (the dog), he will keep committing his crimes and misdeeds.

We must do that, we have no other choice.
We’re fighting to defend our dignity and to achieve a bit of freedom. We’re fighting those who perpetuate injustice, those who’ve been filling a place that doesn’t belong to them for years.

I wish I could also tell you about me, about my family and my life in general.
It is very risky, but I’ll try that soon.

Don’t you worry, I’ll be back with news.

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