The flame of hope is still burning in our hearts

sabaha al-khayr, ya suriyya! hadhihi sarhati!
Good morning Syria! This is my cry!

My friends, even in these spring days my heart is filled with sadness. I should be out right now, living the wonderful days of my age; instead I’m forced here, in a dark and dusty room, crying and praying that all this end soon.

What saddens me the most is to see how life in the streets can abruptly stop every day, at about 6 in the evening, as though we weren’t allowed to leave our homes and have a walk around. Apart for a few running cars trying to get to their homes as fast as possible, streets really look deserted.
There’s much fear of being hit by stray bullets shot by the army, while blasts of firecrackers – whose only aim is frightening people – can be heard everywhere. They’re shooting li-irhab al-bashar wa-l-attahyr wa-l-hajar: to scare people, birds, rocks.

At dawn, our streets are haunted by fully-equipped soldiers roaming throughout the city quarters, reciting their damn motto: allah, suriyya, bashar, wa-bas! (“God, Syria, Bashar, and no more!”).
Anyone opposing to this risks their life.

It is this way, dear friends, that our days has passed ever since this bloody war started, but no one outside the country seems to be listening to our cries.
Despite all the tragedies and the lack of help, the flame of hope is still burning brightly, and we are the ones keeping it alive: we the youth of the country. We are the true source of such a light. Boys and girls together, with no racial or religious distinctions, all one to free beloved Syria from a bloody tyranny.
This also helps strengthening the others, and enables them to proceed along the set path, the one leading to the long-awaited freedom of the entire people.

Our hearts are healthy and generous, and sometimes I am surprised at mine’s ability to still receive joy and hope.
The flame of hope, in my case, is still burning thanks to good news, such as knowing that many young men choose to marry the girls who were raped by the beasts of this regime. To such unbelievable violence, we’re replying with love.
In our society, traditionalist and conservative in itself, violated girls are doomed to live sorrowful and shameful lives, as though they were the ones doing wrong. Within this tradegy, all the Syrian people are uniting in order to bring the tyranny down, even though the Assad’s clan is trying to foster division into groups and factions.

hayat! hayat! They won’t succeed!

Goodbye, my friends. I need to stop now: the blasts’ noise is getting deafening and I’m too scared to keep on writing.

But don’t worry, I’ll be back with news.

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