Barbarous times

sabaha al-khayr, ya suriyya! hadhihi sarhati!
Good morning Syria! This is my cry!

Hi my friends, another sorrowful day has just passed.

Our children are dying because of a dictator’s wicked will, but the world around us seems to be getting used to such a state of things.
We’ve got no more places to hide. Children, women, old people are all forced to leave their homes, without knowing whether they’ll be able to come back or not.

Who can ever compensate them for their losses?

Assad is free to kill our people, to steal our possessions, even to deprive our children of their most basic rights. In times like these parents are afraid of letting their sons go to school, assumed that a school still exists in their quarter and has not been destroyed already.
All this, while the sons of this murderer President are attending the most prestigious schools in Europe, living their happy and joyful lives.

In addition to having lost any humanity, these beasts don’t possess any culture either. Long time ago, in pre-islamic Arabia, people used to bury their female babies alive, without really clearing out what their fault was.
Men lived together as wolves, with no rules or moral values whatsoever.

Unfortunately, we now seem to have stepped back in centuries, as we live certain dramatic events again.
My blood ran cold when I heard about a man being buried alive only for not wanting to bow to this long-oppressing, corrupt regime.
He was buried up to his head after suffering from tortures and insults of all kinds, and all this only for refusing to sing the praises of Assad.

Rivers of tears began to flow over my face.
They’re killing us in cold blood only because we’re refusing to kiss the very hand that’s beating us.
We’re receiving no help, and no one is asking anymore how can some brothers behave in such inhuman ways.

It is not up to states’ laws or religious dogmas to forbid such practices.
It should suffice any human being’s own good sense to prevent such brutal violence to occur.

Unfortunately they’re not understanding this at all, and we haven’t got the power needed to stop them. We may try to shout out our hate for such inhuman acts, but our voices are not resounding high enough. But somebody will listen to my cries one day!

Don’t fear for me, I’ll be back with news.

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