Observing the repression

sabaha al-khayr, ya suriyya! hadhihi sarhati!
Good morning Syria! This is my cry!

Hi, dear friends. How are you?
You’re probably okay, and I’m glad of that.
Things here made no progress, unfortunately, and you can imagine why: deaths increase every day and the distruction knows no end!

We don’t have the oil needed to prompt the world to come and help us, the one Lybia had. We’re a poor people, though we became poor only under this merciless dictator’s government, he who denied us any crumb of honor or dignity.

But we still are – my friends – rich in values: we’re a generous, kind people. We can’t hate and we know how to forgive.
We’re simple, we’re human.

No one is interested in values, however, since they’re not saleable. You don’t start a war to defend a people’s freedom or dignity.
Some stories may raise interest, sure, but with time everything fades out and no one gets interested anymore in what is happening.

The international community sent a group of 300 observers to Syria to check a 20-millions people country. The Syrian people got skeptical at the news. It seems just a new way to delay in order to protect Assad.
They visited Homs and Hama and saw many other destroyed towns. They could breathe the smell of death and distruction which is haunting our streets.
They finally described what they saw in a report addressed to Mr Kofi Annan, and the latter’s reply was the only one possible: we can’t accept any of this.

The repression is still reaping our younger flowers, though.
As soon as the observers leave some town, the army and the shabbiha kill everyone trying to testify what’s really happening.
The other day nine young men got killed just for nearing one such observer. When the ONU men left, these boys were caught and mercilessly executed.

But don’t fear for me, I’ll be back again with news.

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