The blood-stained land

sabaha al-khayr, ya suriyya! hadhihi sarhati!
Good morning Syria! This is my cry!

Hi, dear friends.
I was away for a while and I’m sorry for that.

Things here are as hard as always, and communications are going down ever more often. I’ve not been able to write, but technical difficulties and adversities are not the only reason for that.

I had to endure some drammatic time lately.
As you know, the situation we’re to cope with in our beloved country has become unbearable to us, but I must try and find the courage to tell you about this new tragedy.

Some days ago, a dear relative of mine was abducted from his house in front of his defenseless wife and his still-young children.
There were no news of him for three days, then his cold corpse was returned.
Another life upon their conscience, together with the gloomy destiny of a young wife and her two orphan children. God only knows how they can keep going on, now that they’ve got no-one in the world!

I was at her place yesterday.
The dark of tragedy covered everything in that house. Her clothes, her children, her parents’ faces. Her tear-wet face.

I thought, then I cried.
I couldn’t find the words to express my sorrow, my sadness, my wish to be near to her in that tragedy. But what can you say when you’re faced with grief and desperation?

The smell of death permeated everything, though he had been buried already.
It was thus that a young life’s page had been torn apart, one not having even reached its fourties. I had no chance of seeing him, but they told me what he had been done. One of his eyes had been snatched, and the reason for doing that – God only knows it – is that the regime is trading the organs of those very victims it makes.
I’ve had confirmations of this by many who lost their dear ones.

But don’t worry, I’ll be back with news.

You’ll hear from me soon,

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